Why should we choose the VIRAJ and PASSAJ Programs?

  • We provide detailed activity guides.
    The Guides to Classroom Activities provide facilitators with details on how to present each program activity.
  • The Programs address various types of relationships.
    The two programs address the issues of violence within dating relationships. Additionally, the PASSAJ Program addresses issues of sexual friendships and interpersonal relationships in work and school situations.
  • The Programs take into account both genders.
    Both genders benefit from the programs. Evaluative research carried out on the VIRAJ and PASSAJ programs shows that boys and girls showed positive changes in attitudes following the program.
  • The Program evaluation process is ongoing.
    These programs have been evaluated which has in turn led to more finely-tuned adaptations to activities. See the "Evaluations" section on this website for further details.
  • The Programs are adaptable to various settings.
    While they have been primarily conceived for use in schools they may also be used by youth centres, recreational groups, etc.
  • The Programs have been developed to reflect the reality of Quebec teens.
    These programs are based on the experiences and priorities of Quebec teens in the target age groups. Their perspectives were gleaned from interviews and a variety of surveys.
  • The Programs have been trialed within multi-ethnic school groups.
    These programs were presented to multi-ethnic classes and the program material was well-accepted.
  • The Programs are based on the most up-to-date information available.
    They draw on recent developments in the area of violence prevention.
  • The Programs correspond with current public health objectives.
    Issues of violence in dating relationships and the theme of equality in relationships are an area of focus in Quebec public health objectives as described in the National Program for Public Health, 2003-2012.
  • The Programs offer continuity.
    The PASSAJ Program is well-aligned with the components and activities of the earlier ViRAJ Program. However, it is not necessary for teens to have participated in the ViRAJ Program to participate in the PASSAJ Program. As such, the PASSAJ Program may be presented independently.

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